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Welcome to the world of Alpaca - the most eco-friendly animal fibre on the planet.
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A garment from Helderstroom Alpacas offers quality that is impossible to find in an ordinary upmarket boutique. In addition, alpaca clothing is very earth-friendly.

Find out why alpaca fibre is so special, here.

We draw on local expertise for the production of our knitted and woven garments and accessories. Knitting is definitely not a dying art in the Western Cape – we are blessed with super-talented ladies who abound in skills of originality and imagination!  We even had one gentleman knitter for a while.  Every one of our knitted items is unique and is not repeated, so when you buy an article bearing the 'Spirit of Helderstroom' label you can be sure you have an exclusive one-off treasure.

Our production range includes hats, scarves, gloves and mitts, socks, shawls, ponchos, gilets, tops, pullovers and jackets, and stunning baby blankets knitted in Royal Baby yarn – classified as family heirlooms – felted booties and babywear, bags and cushions.

By arrangement we undertake a number of special commissions such as this one:


In our workshop we clean, card and hand spin the fibre in the traditional way and display a range of beautifully hand knitted items for sale, made by women living in the area.

Alpaca fibre: alpaca fibre is not only fine, but each single strand contains microsopic air pockets giving it unique insulation qualities and lightness. It ranks with cashmere but has better fibre length, is more wear resistant, wrinkle resistant and far more stretch resistant than cashmere. Our fibre is tested every year and many of our animals' fibre has a very high comfort factor, often in excess of 99 per cent. Alpaca is non-allergenic and may be worn next to the skin, with no prickle or 'itch' factor.

Spinning: prior to 2006 we sold our annual fleece clip. Then as we became more proficient in our alpaca management and more confident in what we were doing we began spinning our own fibre. From one spinning lady in the early days, to four now, we hand spin everything except for the small amount we sideline for felting. We mostly spin to a lace weight and, to add strength and uniformity, all our fibre is plied to give a professional finish.

For more information or to order any of these products please telephone or email us. Our contact details may be found on our About Us page.
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